Intelligence Training and Cultural Education

We carefully select our faculty from among the nation’s most accomplished practitioners. Each is steeped in the theory and practice of their discipline, including COMINT, SIGINT, GEOINT, FININT, OSINT, and CULTINT. Our faculty leverage years of experience in multiple regions,

Intelligence Analysis and Data Analytics

There’s a view among college students, generally vocalized when they receive poor grades, that, “Those who can…do, and those who can’t…teach.” edc believes the opposite is true. Innovative, informed and mission-focused trainers make some of the most effective and impactful

Linguistics and Human Language Technology

Our linguist professionals are successful academics, analysts, computer scientists, and engineers who have also developed native or near-native fluency in one or more strategically important languages. EdC’s linguist professionals are at the forefront of deploying and improving existing Human Language

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Leadership Spotlight

Leadership Spotlight

Ted Wright-Senior Strategic Advisor As a strategic visionary and chief executive for both publicly and privately held companies, Mr. Wright brings approximately thirty years of Executive Management experience to the EDC Advisory Board, serving as an essential advisor to EDC

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Research Fellows

HLT Research Fellows

Much of the information needed to effectively understand, anticipate, manage, and operate in the global environment is found in foreign language speech, text, videos, and images. But there is a critical lack of exceptional computer scientists, linguists, and automated tools

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